Buy High Quality Designer Latex / Rubber Catsuits For Women From Syren Couture At Discount Online Price

A catsuit is a very sexy, close-fitting, one-piece fetishistic garment for women that covers the torso, legs and the arms. Catsuits should be made from stretchable material, and the very best use high quality latex or leather. Latex and leather catsuits, especially those that have been hand-created by the specialists at Syren Couture of Los Angeles, are fabulous to wear, cling to the body in all the right places, and are a real must have garment for kinky fetishists, especially ones who like to show off their wickedly sexy dom side!

The most appropriate catsuits for fetish use are made of latex or leather, and are very shiny and tight fitting. The look may be enhanced by wearing a corset or chastity belt over the top. Catsuits can have zips on the front or rear for access, with some having zips on the shoulders. Typically a fetish catsuit will not have gloves or feet. Gloves can be worn as additional accessories to a leather or latex catsuit to give a whole body look, with some wearers also adding a mask. An option instead of gloves might be bondage mittens, which might have a D-ring at the top, and such catsuits can be used as straitjackets in the context of bondage. More extreme options for catsuits have incorporated monoglove instead of sleeves and they can also be used for bondage. Catsuits may also have incorporated corset and/or neck corset, although these are typically added as accessories to complete a look.

“I bought this Syren Latex Catsuit to surprise my horny hubby, as I thought it looked fabulously sexy. It took me about 15 minutes to get it on for the first time and involved me rolling around the floor to get into it. When I finally did get my catsuit on and zipped up - carefully avoiding my pubes on the way - it felt amazing and I felt so sexy, showing off all the folds and curves of my body, which was completely naked underneath. Hubby obviously liked it - especially the exaggerated cameltoe at my crotch - as he couldn't get his bulging cock out of his trousers quick enough. He loved the feel of it and it felt good being touched through it. The downside was struggling to get it off, which ended up with my legs getting stuck and me and hubby in a fit of giggles. Despite this temporary setback, which actually added to our sexual pleasure, I would recommend this super sexy Syren Latex Catsuit to everybody. Wearing it gives you a great confidence boost, but be sure you take it off in plenty of time.”

Figure Hugging Latex/ Rubber Catsuits By Syren Couture - High Quality Designer Fetish Catsuits For Sexy Women
Buy High Quality Designer Latex / Rubber Catsuits For Women From Syren Couture At Discount Online Price
Latex/ Rubber Catsuits By Syren Couture - High Quality Designer Fetish Catsuits For Sexy Women
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Latex/ Rubber Catsuits By Syren Couture - Designer Fetishwear For Women
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Full Catsuit - Latex
This skin tight Latex Cat Suit w/ Back Zip for women from Syren Couture is hand tailored to provide the sexiest, body hugging, shape revealing fit.
Tank Suit - Latex
This figure hugging, hand crafted Syren Couture Women’s Latex Tank Suit is perfect for you and your personal pleasures.
139 - Syren Women’s Full Latex Cat Suit w/ Back Zip - High Quality Fetishwear
138 - Syren Women’s Latex Tank Suit - High Quality Designer Fetish Clothing For Sexy Women
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